Socks For All Types of Weather | But How?

Merino wool is naturally responsive to your body’s temperature, no joke! This is what makes it a fantastic option to wear in both cold and warm weather.

It's Insulating in Cold Weather

In cold weather, the natural bends in the Merino fibers trap air, insulating your body. Think of the bends as natural lofts that traps heat very efficiently, making it warmer than cotton or a synthetic material.

But Breathable in Warm Temperatures

The porous fibers of Merino wool help in warmer weather too. The hot air is able to escape through the microscopic holes (or lofts) in the fibers, as well as, through the fibers themselves. That means that even in warm weather, if you have the right Merino wool socks, your feet will stay cool.

Additionally, the fibers naturally shed sweat quickly, helping to keep your feet dry. That is because Merino wool will absorb up to one third of its weight in moisture, acting as a buffer from the buildup of sweat. Bottom line: it keeps your feet dry that much longer than any synthetic material would.

When Wet, It Still Protects Your Feet

It still gets better. If you do end up stepping in a creek while hiking and your socks do get wet, your trek will still be enjoyable. Once wet, Merino wool still has the same ability to insulate your feet and keep them comfortable. Plus, it doesn't cling to you causing unwanted blisters or sore spots. That's a trail win, for sure! Get yours today!


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