Merino Wool Socks Are King | What's the Difference?

It is no secret that Merino wool has become know as the "Ferrari" for wool socks. The fibers in Merino wool are the finest of any wool available, providing a soft, gentle, silky and flexible feeling against your skin.

Merino Wool Is Much Finer Than Other Wools

So what's the Merino wool difference? The diameter of wool fibers are measured in microns. Regular, coarse wool can be 40+ microns. However, Merino is much finer, starting at about 24 microns, all the way down to below 15 microns. Here is some perspective. Picture the diameter of a human hair, and divide that by three, and that is Merino wool's diameter size. Because of this, it isn't itchy or rough like thicker wools, just soft, really soft.

Merino Wool Is Sensitive to Itchy Skin

Additionally, Merino wool has hypoallergenic properties, meaning that skin irritation is not a concern. If eczema or sensitive skin, Merino wool is your best option.

The guaranteed comfort that Merino provides, is exactly why feet all over the trails are covered in these hiking socks. Ready to get yours?


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