Socks for Stinky Feet | The Merino Advantage

There is no question that one of Merino wool's best attributes is the wicking ability that prevents smelly odors. But, how is this even possible?
Merino Wool Moves Sweat Away
Contrary to what you may think, sweat from our bodies is not what creates the smell of sweat. The smell of sweat actually comes from bacteria on the body that breaks down protein into certain acids.
However, Merino wool doesn't let the bacteria get that far. See, in order for the bacteria to break down the protein, it needs a wet environment. Because wool is constantly drawing the moisture up and away from your body, it prevents the sweat from staying in your socks.

Merino Wool Deprives Odors of a Home
By moving sweat away, Merino wool fibers deprive bacteria of the wet environment it needs in order for it to multiply.

Merino Wool Kills Bacteria
Not only is Merino great for preventing these environments by propelling sweat, but also every single Merino fiber contains antimicrobial properties created from Lanolin. Lanolin is a waxy material naturally occurring in the sheep's wool that prevents the growth of the bacteria, stopping odors dead in it's tracks.
The natural anti-bacterial and wicking properties of Merino wool hiking socks keep your feet fresh on the trail all day. Are you ready to get yours?


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